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Fouled Waste Sensors?  Not Here!

Any sensor will work well in a waste tank--for a while.  Have you ever had a float sensor foul in your waste tank?  How did you fix it?  Did you remove the sensor and clean it just to have it foul again a few months later?

Why not just install a better sensor in the first place?  All of the level sensors we manufacture are immune to fouling because none have any moving parts.  In fact, our non-contact sensor below installs on the outside of the tank wall and never even comes into contact with the tank contents.

Simple Installation.

Installation of an external sensor on the tank wall of an HDPE tank consists of 3 simple steps.  First, a pair of aluminum sensor foils is installed from top to bottom of the tank.  Second, an electronic sensor module is attached to the foils.  Finally, wires are installed between the sensor module to the monitoring panel.  Since this sensor is installed on the outside of the tank, there is no chance that the tanks integrity is compromised.  No holes, no leaks.

For metal walled tanks we manufacture a rugged PVC sensor rod which mounts on the inside of the tank.  Like the external foil sensor, this sensor rod also has no moving parts and is not subject to fouling in a waste tank.  It has a threaded head which screws into a 1 inch NPT hole in the top of the tank.  For tanks with a standard SAE-5 lug opening, you can install this sensor with the SAE-5 to 1" NPT adapter we manufacture for this purpose.

Simple Troubleshooting.

All of our sensors possess one simple feature which is a big help during installation:  a power light.  While this may seem like an insignificant feature at first, it is an invaluable installation and troubleshooting aid.  This light works hand-in-hand with the diagnostic mode built into our Profile Series display panels giving the installer valuable visual feedback which immediately indicates any problems with sensor wiring.

Simple Choice.

These sensors won't foul in your waste tanks, are simple to install, and easy to troubleshoot.  We think that you will agree that these sensors, along with their compatible monitors, are the obvious choice for monitoring all types of boat tanks.  For additional information please visit us at the above web address.  We would be happy to help you select the right Profile Series monitoring system for your boat.





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