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  Legacy Series - EZ-Profile



Are all tanks square?  Probably Not.

If you have ever looked at the fresh or waste water tanks on your boat you might make the assumption that they are largely rectangular as pictured in the top left illustration.

While some tanks are shaped like this, many are tapered to some extent to fit the curvature of the typical sailboat hull as pictured in the middle illustration.  In some cases this taper is extreme to the point that the tank actually has a V-shaped cross section.  Houseboat owners will also recognize the circular cross-section of the bottom illustration.

Each of these tank cross sections introduce an error proportional to the "oddness" of tank shape into the displayed tank level readings.  While the empty and full readings are largely accurate, the error in level measurement is most pronounced in the middle of the range leaving boat owners guessing as to the true level of fluid most of the time.

The consequence of this error is easy to visualize.  Compare the volume of fluid contained in the top few inches of a tapered tank with the volume in the bottom few inches.  The volume at the top of the tank could be double that at the bottom but the typical level sensor reports the change in fluid height as identical.  This leads to level readings which change fastest near empty and slowest near full.  We will leave it to your imagination to visualize the error associated with the circular cross-sectioned tank.

EZ-Profile = Maximum Accuracy

To address the tank shape issue, we wrote our exclusive EZ-Profile software algorithm into all of our display programs.  During the setup of all of our display panels, the operator sets the basic tank shape for each sensor channel.  Selectable tank shapes:  rectangular, tapered, triangular, and circular.  Once set, the EZ-Profile algorithm corrects the displayed tank level with the selected shape for maximum accuracy through the entire range.

Now, regardless of tank shape or sensor type, you can have the accuracy of sensors which have been custom designed for your tanks.  EZ-Profile even improves the accuracy of the sensors already installed.

Profile Series Display Panels

Our proprietary EZ-Profile algorithm is featured in all of our Profile series display panels, but it takes more than one clever piece of software to make a useful monitoring system.  In addition to developing the profiling functions, we also spent considerable time making our software as complete and user friendly as possible.  We invite you to compare our products with those from our competitors; we think you will agree that these systems represent the current state of the art for marine monitoring systems.

Basic Display Panel Features:

EZ-Profile software algorithm for maximum accuracy despite tank shape

Compatible with most industry standard liquid level sensors (capacitive, 33-240Ohm, etc.)

Back-lit 4x20 LCD display for easy reading in low light conditions

All panel operating parameters set through the use of easy to understand on-screen menus

Supply voltage displayed with the option to display LPG level (requires a 0-90 Ohm LPG sensor).