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  Profiler Series - Legacy Solo

Note: Wiring greatly simplified for clarity.  Refer to full owners manuals for complete wiring instructions.    Non-Contact Sensor

Solo Display Panel


1A Fast
Blow Fuse

Other compatible

Sensor types

            240-33 Ohm
           Float Sensor


Capacitive Rod Sensor


Under-Counter Display
Profile Series Display Panels

The Profile Series Solo display panel features a simplified version of our exclusive EZ-Profile algorithm which corrects for odd-shaped tanks and sensor types.  This display is also compatible with nearlly all sensor types available on the market today making it easy to both retrofit into an existing system or install new.

The display panel also features an optional tank full light which can serve as a handy "Do No Flush" light when installed in your bathroom.

Basic Features:
Simple to install, set up and operate.

Compatible with capacitive and 240-33 Ohm float sensors.

Features our exclusive EZ-Profile software algorithm which corrects for odd tank shape and sensor type.

Panel will monitor liquid level for 1 tank.

Optional autonomous monitoring with tank full or empty alert LED depending on model.

Data is displayed as a 5 position LED bar graph.

Also available as an easy-to-install under-counter display (see picture to the right).



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