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User Reports
Yacht Owner Gets Great Results

"We have had the opportunity to use your Corrosion Block while recommissioning our yacht, "Arctic Swan". It has been used on winches, outboard motors, shackles, tools, through-hull fittings that were seized up, and so many different applications. It's the best all-around defense against corrosion I have ever used."
Hawaii Millwork Owner loves Corrosion Block

"Corrosion is a real problem for the building trades in Hawaii. Corrosion Block is an excellent penetrant and the best lubricant we've come across. It has shut down the rust on all of our shop equipment. Having tried them all, I feel Corrosion Block is the best product of this type on the market today!"
Charter Boat Company Raves

"Beautiful! That's what I have to say about the performance of Corrosion Block. My dingy sunk on the mooring with the outboard motor attached. I rinsed the engine with fresh water and applied Corrosion Block all over the engine and inside the cylinders. the engine started on the first pull. It also outlasts any other lubricant I've tried."
Tom & Jan Monroe
British Virgin Islands
Joe D. Kukle, Consolidated Millworks
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Dan Harrigan, Stars & Strikes Charters
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
It Saved His Motor

"I read your ads and was skeptical. Then the pump motor for my live-bait well quit. It was full of rust and would barely turn. Our marine store disassembled the motor and sprayed everything with Corrosion Block. Twenty minutes later, it worked like a charm. I'm hooked."
A Happy Ending From Hurricane Hugo

"I've seen firsthand what Corrosion Block can do. After Hugo we have salvaged engines, power plants, radio gear and other equipment treated with it. I want to be your distributor in the Virgin Islands."
A Must for Every Tackle Box

"At first I was skeptical about a new product like Corrosion Block, but I've found it's the best reel maintenance product you can possibly use. Corrosion Block is a must for every tackle box!"
J.H. Richards
Jacksonville, Florida
Carlos Gual
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Michael Tokunaga
Hilo, Hawaii
Owner Recommends it to All of His Customers

"We use Corrosion Block on everything: tool boxes, casters, hydraulic motor stands, our dyno, lifts, as a preservative when engines are disassembled, our test tank and valves. Because Corrosion Block has performed so well for us, we recommend it to all of our customers."
Fisherman Recommends It

"I'm an avid user of Corrosion Block ever since it became available and found that nothing else comes close to it. Being an avid fisherman my number one enemy was always rust corrosion. Corrosion Block is a proven winner and I use it on everything from my rods, reels, hooks and anything else that goes to the beach with me. Just an AWESOME product!!!"
Has Many Uses on a Boat

"I wiped it on all aluminum windows and stainless rigging and railings. After months at sea, they are all bright and shiny. What really amazed me was when I sprayed it on an old rusty fan on the boat that hadn't worked for months. In a few minutes it ran again and is still running.
Glen Saito, Outboard Sales & Service
Honolulu, Hawaii
Darryl S. Nakasone
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Ben Astarita
Nassau, Bahamas
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