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Maintaining your boats, autos or homes plastic or glass windshields, Eisenglass, mirrors or glass is not difficult, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Although plastics are considerably stronger than glass, its face is not as hard. Therefore care must be used in cleaning, to prevent scratches. Never rub the surface with detergents containing ammonia, bleach, phosphates or cleaning products containing oleic acids, diatomaceous earth, excessive alcohol or wax. These products will cause scratches, deterioration and yellowing of the surface.

Always use a cleaner-preservative made for clear vinyl and plastics such as "KLEAR-TO-SEA". Minor scratches will disappear over a period of time. "KLEAR-TO-SEA" leaves an invisible film with UV protection, giving clear vinyl, plastics, lexans and glass much greater slip while protecting against sun and salt. "KLEAR-TO-SEA" is formulated primarily for clear flexible vinyl, plastic, lexan and polycarbonate surfaces. It can be used on glass, windshields, or interior cleaning of mirrors, tub and shower enclosures and all acrylic surfaces. On dirty surfaces, allow "KLEAR-TO-SEA's" cleaning agents to penetrate the soil for one (1) minute then simply wipe the surface clean. When cleaning clear vinyl, eye glasses and plastic surfaces, it is recommended to clean and polish surfaces with a clean soft cotton cloth. On glass, allow "KLEAR-TO-SEA" to dry and then polish with a soft cotton cloth.

Remember "KLEAR-TO-SEA" is a maintenance product. When used properly it will extend the life of all clear flexible vinyl, polycarbonate, lexan, and acrylic surfaces.